• ozone
  • A device for the degermination of a fluid by means of UV rays is arranged such that simultaneously produces ozone for the improvement of the degermination effectiveness. (google.com)
  • skin cancer
  • While UVB rays are usually associated with sun burns and thought to have a higher chance of causing skin cancer , UVA rays have also been found to increase the risk of cancer and are the main rays associated with wrinkles and pre-mature aging. (sanovadermatology.com)
  • present
  • The present invention relates to a glass composition which has a high ultraviolet ray absorbing ability and a relatively high luminous transmittance and which has the same brown color as current colored plate and float glass for buildings and vehicles. (google.com)
  • Vanadium is present in the most stable condition usually in the form of V 5+ in the glass and has an absorption band in a near ultraviolet region (350 nm), and thus it is a component which provides ultraviolet ray-absorbing effects. (google.com)
  • amount
  • Heretofore, dark blue or green-colored infrared ray or ultrared ray absorbent glass containing a large amount of e.g. (google.com)