• reduction
  • MCESF configuration, type of fracture reduction, dynamization of the apparatus, inclusion of a dowel pin, and implantation of allograft were recorded. (orthovet.org)
  • Time to union was not influenced by the type of fracture reduction (P = .11), use of a dowel pin (P = .099), or implantation of an allograft (P = .45). (orthovet.org)
  • trauma
  • These positions may be maintained for several seconds, and several types of trauma are associated with break dancing, including spinal fractures and subluxations (Byun et al. (thefreelibrary.com)
  • A fracture may occur from a sudden, direct trauma or impact, or a strong muscle contraction - known as an. (sportsinjuryclinic.net)
  • injury
  • Treatment (in the absence of a more significant injury) is similar to a buckle fracture with support in a removable splint. (radiopaedia.org)
  • It is important to increase awareness of this injury among physicians to expedite the diagnosis and to prevent the possibility of conversion to an overt fracture in the future. (thefreelibrary.com)