• Trees
  • For our sampled comparison, we used three Ulmus Morton trees on the West of North Kedzie in MSU campus. (photosynq.org)
  • leaves
  • Ulmus have alternate, ovate to elliptic toothed leaves usually with very unequally sized bases. (bonsai4me.com)
  • Zelkova also differ in that they have single-toothed leaves whereas Ulmus have double-toothed leaves. (bonsai4me.com)
  • Ulmus taihangshanensis , described from Henan, differs in having more pubescent twigs that never develop corky wings, and thinner leaves (papery rather than leathery). (efloras.org)
  • Photosynthetic Efficiency of *Ulmus Morton *leaves on inside and outside of the canopy. (photosynq.org)
  • study
  • This study was done to see if there was a difference in Phi II, LEF, SPAD content on the inside versus the outside for the canopies of Ulmus Mortons. (photosynq.org)