• toxicity
  • Finally, we find that E2-25K/Hip-2-deficient cortical neurons are resistant to Aβ toxicity and to the induction of ER stress and caspase-12 expression by Aβ. (rupress.org)
  • Here we show that E2-25K/Hip-2 regulates the activation of caspase-12 and ER stress responses during Aβ neurotoxicity, and that E2-25K/Hip-2-deficient cortical neurons cultured from E2-25K/Hip-2 knockout mice lack Aβ-induced ER stress responses, including accumulation of caspase-12, and are resistant to Aβ toxicity. (rupress.org)
  • relatively resistant
  • We therefore recognized that if a drug is toxic when present at a high concentration inside the cell, but requires the activity of a carrier to be taken up by the cell, a strain with no or reduced carrier activity should be relatively resistant to the drug and survive better in competition experiments when compared to strains with normal uptake activity. (beds.ac.uk)
  • ability
  • The ability of tunicamycin to inhibit myotube formation and the ability of N-acetylglucosamine to reverse this inhibition was also described. (uwo.ca)