• hormonal
  • This review, from an ethical perspective, intends to give an overview of structural and functional neurobiological correlations of transsexualism and their course under cross-sex hormonal administration. (cun.es)
  • social
  • Interestingly, "a social origin for transsexualism was supported by religious people who were regular churchgoers" which clearly shows that these people stick to prejudice rather than facts - after all, none of the revealed religions says anything about gender dysphoria in their holy books. (cakeworld.info)
  • History
  • In order to place the data in context, a number of historical threads are examined, including: the use of chemicals in agriculture, the use of the pesticide DDT and the pharmaceutical drug diethylstilbestrol (DES), the intertwined relationship between chemical manufacturers and the military, and the history of transsexualism since 1950. (diethylstilbestrol.co.uk)