• Enzyme
  • Combining the experimental data on expression levels and specific activities of purified MTGase fusion proteins, the chimeric LacZ 1-8 Met-MTGase, which displays an enzymatic activity comparable to the wild-type enzyme, was selected as a candidate for producing microbial transglutaminase for industrial applications. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Moreover
  • Moreover, transglutaminase family is widely expressed in cardiovascular cells and in macrophages, and the recent studies have documented diverse roles for transglutaminases in cardiovascular pathophysiology, in chronic as well as the acute manifestations of atherosclerosis (e.g., plaque rupture). (biomedcentral.com)
  • proteins
  • Bacterial transglutaminases are increasingly required as industrial reagents for in vitro modification of proteins in different fields such as in food processing as well as for enzymatic site-specific covalent conjugation of therapeutic proteins to polyethylene glycol to get derivatives with improved clinical performances. (biomedcentral.com)