• Arabidopsis
  • To test for epistasis within an adaptive trait genetic network, we generated and tested 47 Arabidopsis thaliana double mutant combinations for 20 transcription factors, which all influence the accumulation of aliphatic glucosinolates, the defense metabolites that control fitness. (plantcell.org)
  • motifs
  • They also have the advantage that the targeted sequence need not be symmetrical unlike with most other DNA-binding motifs based on natural transcription factors that bind as dimers. (wikipedia.org)
  • STAT3
  • Newswise - A study in The Journal of Cell Biology shows how a transcription factor called STAT3 remains in the axon of nerve cells to help prevent neurodegeneration. (newswise.com)
  • It is known that CNTF indirectly turns on the transcription factor STAT3, so the researchers wanted to determine if STAT3 is behind CNTF's protective powers. (newswise.com)
  • inhibits
  • For example, thymoquinone, a natural product downregulates TWIST1 transcription factor to reduce epithelial to mesenchymal transition, and thus inhibits cancer metastasis in cancer cell lines and xenograft model of breast cancer in mouse Twist transcription factor has been shown to interact with EP300, TCF3 and PCAF. (wikipedia.org)