• Other research being performed in the lab includes the investigation of biomaterial scaffolds and stem/progenitor cell transplantation for promoting angiogenesis in the heart in order to restore blood flow to damaged tissue and improve its function. (ottawaheart.ca)
  • In addition to enhancing transplanted cell effects, the matrix is being evaluated for its ability to address the fact that tissues of patients requiring treatment are more aged and diseased, which negatively affects the heart's ability to respond to therapy. (ottawaheart.ca)
  • Tissue engineering can be described as a combination of cells, engineering and materials methods for use as replacement tissues (either temporary or permanent) for damaged or diseased body parts. (ottawaheart.ca)
  • The main goal of the Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Laboratory, under the direction of Erik Suuronen, PhD, is to develop tissue engineering and cell-based therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cardiac injury and disease. (ottawaheart.ca)
  • The Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Laboratory is affiliated with the Biomaterials and Regeneration Research Program in the Division of Cardiac Surgery . (ottawaheart.ca)