• fallen arches
  • When comparing to the normal arch image, this image of fallen arches, helps create a visualization of how the tibial nerve can be strained and compressed due to the curvature. (wikipedia.org)
  • tarsal
  • An example of a tarsal tunnel syndrome test is a Tinel's sign test, which can detect an irritated nerve. (doctorshealthpress.com)
  • In this test, the doctor will apply pressure or tap the tibial nerve, and if the tapping causes a "pins and needles" or tingling sensation in the toes or foot, it's considered a positive sign of tarsal tunnel syndrome. (doctorshealthpress.com)
  • pain
  • Prior methods of postoperative pain control included oral narcotics, single injection regional techniques and more recently continuous nerve catheters. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • diagnose
  • 1,2 In order to diagnose lesions of these nerves accurately, one must maintain a fairly high index of suspicion of their presentation. (podiatrytoday.com)