• acyl-CoA hydro
  • Concomitant increase by peroxisome proliferators of fatty acid-binding protein, peroxisomal beta-oxidation and cytosolic acyl-CoA hydrolase in liver. (biomedsearch.com)
  • The peroxisome proliferators caused an induction of acyl-CoA hydrolase of lower-molecular-weight form alone in hepatic cytosol of mice, although inductions of two long-chain acyl-CoA hydrolases (higher- and lower-molecular-weight form) were brought about in hepatic cytosol of rats. (biomedsearch.com)
  • Guinea-pigs lacked the peroxisome proliferator-caused inductions of FABP, peroxisomal beta-oxidation and acyl-CoA hydrolase. (biomedsearch.com)
  • These results suggest that the induction of FABP is correlated with the inductions of both peroxisomal beta-oxidation and cytosolic long-chain acyl-CoA hydrolase of lower-molecular-weight form. (biomedsearch.com)
  • This gene encodes a member of the acyl-CoA thioesterase protein family, and is one of four acyl-CoA hydrolase genes located in a cluster on chromosome 14. (genecards.org)