• impurities
  • Acidic impurities in dihydroxyaromatic compounds such as bisphenol A, as illustrated by sulfonic acids and mercaptocarboxylic acids, can have an adverse effect on the molecular weight of a polycarbonate prepared therefrom by transesterification. (patentgenius.com)
  • molecular
  • Described are certain mono(cyclopentadienyl) Group IV B metal compounds, catalyst systems comprising such mono(cyclopentadienyl) metal compounds and an activator, and to a process using such catalyst systems for the production of polyolefins, particularly ethylene-α-olefin copolymers having a high molecular. (google.com)
  • reaction
  • In CH 3 CN, the products are the corresponding o- and p-acetamido compounds (cf Ritter reaction). (alfa.com)
  • The test compounds were prepared in methanol of concentrations 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25 and 3.125 µ M. The reaction mixture contained 160 µ L (100 mM) sodium phosphate buffer (pH 8.0), 10 µ L of test-compound solution and 20 µ L of lipoxygenase solution. (scielo.org)
  • reactions
  • formed as intermediates in oxymercuration reactions) carbynium ions, protonated carbynes, have a divalent carbon atom with a +1 charge methynium cation, H 2C+ (protonated methylidyne radical) Onium compounds at IUPAC Onium compounds at IUPAC Overview at chem.qmul.ac.uk Onium compounds at the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) IUPAC definition George A. Olah (1998), Onium Ions. (wikipedia.org)