• utero
  • When an intrapericardial teratoma is diagnosed with a large pericardial effusion that causes impending cardiac tamponade, in utero pericardiocentesis has been sucessful in salvaging the fetus. (fetalsono.com)
  • In Utero diagnosis of intrapericardial teratoma: A case for in utero open fetal surgery. (fetalsono.com)
  • arises
  • A teratoma is termed 'epignathus' when it arises from the skull base or hard palate and is located in the oral cavity. (upmc.com)
  • epignathus
  • The authors describe a case of a giant epignathus teratoma originating in the skull base of a neonate, extending bilaterally via two pedicles throughout the hard palate and protruding through the oral cavity. (upmc.com)
  • rarely
  • An enlarging intraperitoneal mass despite course of chemotherapy is usually due to treatment failure but rarely may be as a result of growing teratoma syndrome. (hindawi.com)