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  • To enforce the residue limits imposed on glucocorticoid drugs and preclude their illicit administration as growth promoters, it is necessary to establish high throughput analytical methods that can be applied to the screening of animal tissues. (uzh.ch)
  • Thus, the dual luciferase reporter assay provides a new screening tool to detect unwanted glucocorticoid activities in animal tissues or other crude biological samples without knowledge of the precise chemical entity of the parent compounds or their metabolites. (uzh.ch)
  • drugs
  • Synthetic glucocorticoids belong to the most frequently administered drugs in livestock production. (uzh.ch)
  • Objectives To update a previous systematic review assessing the efficacy of conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (csDMARDs) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). (bmj.com)
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  • For csDMARDs, of 498 studies, only two new studies were randomised controlled trials comparing MTX monotherapy with MTX in combination with another csDMARD without differences in glucocorticoid usage. (bmj.com)