• Hypo
  • Researchers have also studied use of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) during and after marathon participation to determine whether asymptomatic episodes of hypo- and hyperglycemia can be more effectively identified. (diabetesincontrol.com)
  • secretion
  • Counterregulatory hormone secretion was found to be normal (or even elevated) in response to hypoglycemia during a long-distance run in these reasonably well-controlled, well-trained subjects with T1D but without long-term complications. (diabetesincontrol.com)
  • respiratory
  • In the teaching plan, the patient is made aware of how to be alert to various signs like infections of the respiratory tract and urinary tract and any renal disease signs. (exclusivepapers.com)
  • Children
  • a completed Physical Exam Form, and a signed general release identical to the release required of all children regardless of disability. (ada.gov)