• stem
  • In addition to defective lateral root patterning, aur1-2 aur2-2 plants also show defects in orienting formative divisions during embryogenesis, divisions surrounding the main root stem cell niche, and divisions surrounding stomata formation. (plantcell.org)
  • neurons
  • and have been proposed to contribute to an increase in the number of neocortical neurons that are generated from apical progenitors by further round(s) of cell division. (biologists.org)
  • transition
  • Transcription of mRNA coded by the zygotic genome begins during the first few cleavage divisions, and this transition from maternal to zygotic transcripts is known as zygotic genome activation (ZGA). (jci.org)
  • rise
  • This phenotype could be traced back to cytokinesis defects and misoriented cell plates during the initial anticlinal pericycle cell divisions that give rise to lateral root primordia. (plantcell.org)