• scapula
  • With this in mind, the present study was designed to analyse the variable morphological aspects of the ossified STSL, along with other ossified ligaments found in the scapula. (smj.org.sg)
  • collateral
  • The young footballer presents with a typical history of collateral ligament injury with valgus deformity, delayed swelling and tenderness above the joint. (brainscape.com)
  • bony
  • The objective of this study was to collect data on the morphological features and dimensions of ossified ligaments and unusual bony tunnels of scapulae from a North Indian population. (smj.org.sg)
  • In short, the present study explored the incidence of ossified ligaments and bony tunnels along the course of the SSN in dry human scapulae from a North Indian population. (smj.org.sg)
  • This ligament is located in between the spinous processes - those "fins" or bony projections on the back of each vertebra. (braceability.com)