• serum
  • During superovulation, the serum LH levels in donor sika deer reached their highest values (7.1 ± 2.04 ng/mL) at the point of insemination, compared with the baseline levels (4.98 ± 0.07 ng/mL) in control animals. (mdpi.com)
  • collection
  • Successive superovulation and the collection of embryos in less seasonal breeds such as the Boer goat may lead to faster progress, above that achieved in a natural breeding management system. (scielo.org.za)
  • aspects
  • Ces résultats indiquent que des niveaux sublutéaux de progestérone pendant la phase lutéale ne compromettent pas le résultat d'un traitement de superovulation mais, au contraire, peuvent améliorer certains aspects du rendement en embryons. (umontreal.ca)
  • Treatments for inducing superovulation and the endocrine aspects of cycle diagnostics in connection with the in vitro fertilization program. (biomedsearch.com)