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  • Suffused with shades of gold and jade, Argyris Papadimitropoulos's Suntan looks like a sunny Eric Rohmer film, but plays more like a gloomy Claude Chabrol. (rottentomatoes.com)
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  • The comedy is sniggery and the tragedy, at last, exasperated - the bland Suntan of the title hiding the carcinogens stirring under the skin. (rottentomatoes.com)
  • A suntan (the production of melanin in the skin) is essentially your body's way of protecting itself from the harmful effects of the sun. (healthy-skincare.com)
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  • Suntan is further proof that people should sit-up and take notice of the Greek "weird-wave", a movement brimming with fresh ideas, tackling dark, social issues. (rottentomatoes.com)