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  • ovaries
  • Polycystic literally means 'many cysts' and if you have PCOS, multiple fluid-filled cysts develop in the ovaries and eggs may not be released regularly. (
  • Spotting occurs because of a brief drop in estrogen levels following the release of an egg from the ovaries. (
  • Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a brand new technique called in vitro activation, which involves inducing the ovaries to produce eggs. (
  • Hsueh found that by blocking this PTEN "brake" system, he could stimulate dormant follicles in the ovaries to grow and produce mature eggs. (
  • He explained that although women with POI no longer have menstrual cycles, some of them still have unused small follicles in their ovaries. (
  • A special procedure, developed by specialists at McGill University in Montreal, in which immature eggs ("oocytes") are removed from a woman's ovaries, then the oocytes are induced to mature in a lab dish, and finally they are preserved in a deep-freezer. (
  • vitro
  • Hsueh and his team hope that in vitro activation will aid an entire group of women who previously thought they could never have a child of their own. (
  • In vitro fertilization is not a painful procedure although some women may experience very mild cramping after it is complete. (
  • However
  • However, in his original study (Cheng) found that within three weeks, several of his patients had mature follicles and mature eggs. (
  • Sexual selection theory is not based on some mystical essence of being male or female, however. (
  • carry
  • Approximately a third of men and women carry GBS in their intestines and a quarter of women carry it in their vagina. (
  • Researchers at the Wells Reserve laboratory are working to determine to what extent shell disease (a topical bacterial infection that erodes shell, also known as shell rot) influences how many eggs female lobsters can successfully carry and maintain. (
  • Doctors now plan to transfer these eggs into the new wombs, which, if successful, will allow the women to carry their own biological children. (
  • biological
  • A chemical that disrupts biological processes in female mosquitoes may be just as effective as insecticides in reducing the spread of malaria, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. (
  • In the new study, researchers treated Anopheles female mosquitoes with a synthetic chemical called DBH (dibenzoylhydrazine) to see how it would impact their biological processes . (
  • known
  • It had previously not been known why one particular follicle became an egg and the others did not, but in 2010, Hsueh discovered that several proteins, including one called PTEN, regulate this growth process. (
  • mature
  • Of the 27 participants, five women went on to develop mature eggs - much more quickly than originally expected. (
  • help
  • They noted that their technique can also be used to help women who have beaten cancer. (