• cytosol fractions
  • During incubation of antipyrine, but not amidopyrine, 4-aminoantipyrine and 4-leucylaminoantipyrine, with rat liver microsomaland cytosol fractions in the presence of NADPH-generating system a reactive metabolite, which binds with glutathione is formed. (biomedsearch.com)
  • Total and specific activities of alaninaminotransferase (Al-AT) were determined in general tissues, mitochondrial and cytosol fractions of visual, orbital, motor, limbic areas of brain cortex and hypothalamus of three-month old and one-year old rats under 10-20 days and 30 days protein deprivation and under recovery of normal food regime during the same terms. (ac.ir)
  • system
  • His research showed that a subcellular fraction prepared from cells of the immune system of an animal having cell-mediated immunity to the hapten dinitrochlorobenzene could transfer that specific immunity to a second, previously non-immune animal. (wikipedia.org)
  • level
  • On the level of mitochondrial fractions, the enzyme is involved into the complex of compensatory reactions via glucose-alanin cycle to support neurons with energetic substrates. (ac.ir)