• analgesia
  • Activation of the endorphin system triggers an endogenous analgesia cascade by modulating nociceptive signals within the local circuits, such as in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord (the gate control theory of pain), resulting in reducing or inhibiting nociceptive messages forwarded to the somatosensory system. (usda.gov)
  • pain
  • Endorphins act as a sort of analgesics diminishing the perception of pain and as sedatives, producing a feeling of calmness. (technogym.com)
  • As components of an intrinsic pain suppression system, endorphins are involved in regulating the pathogenesis of pain. (usda.gov)
  • high
  • I didn't mention before because I don't want everyone running around getting stressed to achieve their natural high, that won't work. (wordpress.com)