• strain
  • Plasmids were first clearly implicated in this conjugative process in the most studied strain, Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2), when certain derivatives of the wild-type isolate were found to differ in their "fertility" properties-that is, in the frequency with which they generated chromosomal recombinants when mated with various other derivatives-and this ability was inherited "infectiously" (2, 28, 72). (springer.com)
  • Proteins
  • These results demonstrate that in addition to genetic manipulations, optimization of cultivation conditions can lead to significant improvements in the production of heterologous proteins from Streptomyces . (springer.com)
  • purification
  • Thompson J, Cundliffe E. Purification and properties of an RNA methylase produced by Streptomyces azureus and involved in resistance to thiostrepton. (atcc.org)