• Proteins
  • Two such proteins, Endoglycosidase S (EndoS) and Immunoglobulin G-degrading enzyme from S. pyogenes (IdeS) are able to specifically alter the effector functions of immunoglobulin G (IgG). (bl.uk)
  • disease
  • It emphasizes the importance of considering incomplete Kawasaki disease among children with persistent fever, the role of echocardiography in diagnosis, and the potential link between Kawasaki disease and superantigen-producing organisms such as S pyogenes . (hindawi.com)
  • 15-20% of school-aged children has S. pyogenes in its carrier form in their throats and are more at risk of having the disease ( 5 , 9 ) . (canada.ca)
  • research
  • Group A streptococcus-induced autoimmunity via suspected molecular mimicry has ramifications for future microbiome research and management and prevention of rheumatologic diseases. (springer.com)