• proteomics
  • In an ideal clinical world, when a blood sample is taken for biomarker research based on metabolomics or proteomics, it will remain stable until the analysis has taken place, making it easy to understand the conditions in the body when it was extracted. (blogspot.com)
  • cells
  • It causes hemoglobin uptake by macrophages & in CD163 transduced HEK293 cells, delivers hemoglobin to macrophages by conjugate binding, causes secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines and allows research on hemolytic anemia pathology, tissue destruction, multiple peptide conjugate binding to hemoglobin-binding domains. (biotechsupportgroup.com)
  • study
  • The DNA was isolated from PBMC and was tested with two primer sets, one set that amplifies the Alu repeat and another primer set that amplifies GAPDH gene, similar to study 1. (sigmaaldrich.com)
  • Library
  • They were added to 512 well plates, each containing one of a specially constructed library of fluorogenic peptide probes to test the activity of the proteolytic enzymes. (blogspot.com)
  • About 38% of the peptides in the library were not cleaved at all, many of them containing proline or the aspartic acid-glutamic acid combination. (blogspot.com)