• isoform
  • The Drosophila α- and β-Spectrins share about 60% sequence identity with their human homologs, whereas the β H -Spectrin isoform shares only 34% with its human homolog. (biologists.org)
  • beta-spectrins
  • First, a cardiac-specific, 21 amino acid sequence insert in the 21st spectrin repeat, termed alpha II-cardi+, was identified as an insert that modulates affinity of alpha II-spectrin for binding beta-spectrins and regulates myocyte growth and differentiation. (wikipedia.org)
  • viscoelastic
  • The biconcave disk shape and deformability of the mammalian RBC are vital to its circulatory function and rely upon a 2D viscoelastic spectrin-F-actin network attached to the membrane. (pnas.org)