• 2016
  • Special Education Medical Review, Requirements Beginning July 1, 2016 PDF format (6/28/16) updated Registered Nurses (RN) who do not hold ISBE Professional Educator License (PEL) endorsed as school nurse are prohibited from providing educational evaluation and instructional judgment of public school students. (isbe.net)
  • Services
  • Compliance functions include monitoring least restrictive environment compliance, administering due process system, providing mediation services, conducting complaint investigations, approving policies and procedures, conducting focused and comprehensive reviews and approving nonpublic special education facilities. (isbe.net)
  • This booklet is for parents to use to keep important information about their child and his/her special education and related services. (isbe.net)
  • students
  • RNs who do not hold the PEL have been eligible to obtain the designation that permits them to provide such evaluation and judgment for students being evaluated for special education through a process maintained by ISBE. (isbe.net)
  • local
  • that reinforces the fact that local education agencies may not delay or deny a special education evaluation on the basis of a student not having participated in a response to intervention (RtI) process. (isbe.net)