• stem
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are candidate DTM morphogens, and our previous work demonstrated BMP4 sufficiency to induce one DTM cell fate - that of choroid plexus epithelial cells (CPECs) - in a mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) culture system. (biologists.org)
  • To verify that these cells derived from human embryonic stem cells posses a true organizing ability, the researchers repeated Spemann and Mangold's experiments. (bio-medicine.org)
  • structure
  • The tissue he was transplanting contained a structure known as the node (see Glossary, Box 1 ), and led to a conceptual association between the node and the organizer. (biologists.org)
  • The notochord is an embryonic midline structure common to all members of the phylum Chordata ( Fig. 1 ). (biologists.org)
  • Whether it is God, a vitalistic force, or the gene as Nature's agent that is the source of the design of living things and that initiates and directs the unfolding of the design thus matters little to the structure of the argument. (barnesandnoble.com)