• absorption
  • new techniques had been developed, and courts faced decisions about the admissibility of testimony based upon a much wider array of scientific techniques: sound spectrography ("voiceprint"), neutron activation, atomic absorption, electrophoretic blood testing, scanning electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and bite mark comparisons. (encyclopedia.com)
  • hoarseness
  • The set includes a high quality voice recorder with extended voice analysis, easy to use patient/client database, a professional and up-to-date biofeedback system for voice and speech, real time spectrography, standard and extended voice analysis, hoarseness assessment, motor speech disorder assessment and Multi Real Tme assessment. (mmsp.com.au)
  • study
  • In this study, respiratory sounds of pathological and healthy subjects were analyzed via frequency spectrum and AR model parameters with a view to construct a diagnostic aid based on auscultation. (biomedsearch.com)