• enhancer
  • Because of this reliance on promoter and enhancer elements, it is has been suggested that the targeting step of hypermutation is linked to transcription, although whether it is coupled to the transcription process per se or to a general requirement for locus accessibility remains unclear ( 4 - 6 ). (rupress.org)
  • process
  • Surprisingly, the specific V region promoter can be replaced by heterologous promoters without a detrimental effect on hypermutation ( 3 ), but the process is absolutely dependent on the presence of the Ig enhancers. (rupress.org)
  • single
  • Reynaud C‐A, Danhan A, Anquez V and Weill J‐C (1989) Somatic hyperconversion diversifies the single VH gene of the chicken with a high incidence in the D region. (els.net)