• emphasis
  • Edith Abbott, Dean from 1924 to 1942, had initially resisted the trend in the profession toward an emphasis on a psychiatric model in casework. (uchicago.edu)
  • However, when the Commonwealth Fund offered student stipends to SSA contingent on the introduction of psychiatric casework courses into the curriculum and the development of psychiatric field placements, Abbott invited Towle to join the faculty in order to strengthen its psychiatric emphasis. (uchicago.edu)
  • problems
  • However, I found working at the hospital far too difficult while giving full attention to my parents who suffered from numerous health problems. (visualcv.com)
  • workers
  • Through widespread classroom use of this book and through her work on the curriculum committees of the American Association of Schools of Social Work and the American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers, she helped define a generic casework curriculum for most schools (2:15-18, 3:6, and 9:12). (uchicago.edu)
  • faculty
  • In 1932 Towle accepted an appointment to the faculty of the School of Social Service Administration (SSA) at the University of Chicago. (uchicago.edu)