• Medicago
  • S. meliloti is similarly able to nodulate a wide range of host plants, primarily those from the Medicago, Melilotus, and Trigonella genera (Roumiantseva et al. (igem.org)
  • strains
  • It was demonstrated that, in the examined geographically distinct populations of S. meliloti from the Northern Caucasus (NCG) and the Aral Sea region (PAG), the strains containing genomic islands were observed with similar frequency (0.55 and 0.57, respectively). (deepdyve.com)
  • stress
  • Therefore, we studied the fate of S. meliloti cells during desiccation stress from three days to nine weeks. (springeropen.com)
  • The N 2 -fixing efficiency is severely reduced if S. meliloti mutants carry mutations in Hfq gene ( hfq ) and this reduced efficiency is accompanied by reduced stress tolerance. (biomedcentral.com)