• Genus
  • Silene nutans is a flouerin plant in the genus Silene , maist commonly kent as Nottingham catchflee . (wikipedia.org)
  • The sex chromosomes in Silene evolved relatively recently, probably ∼10 7 years ago ( F ilatov and C harlesworth 2002 ) within a small cluster of dioecious Silene species, (section Elisanthe), while the rest of the genus is mostly nondioecious. (genetics.org)
  • Experiments were carried out on the tolerance to and uptake of copper and cobalt by three members of a phylogenetic series of taxa within the genus Silene from Zaïre which were reputed to represent a progression of increasing adaptation to metalliferous soils. (springer.com)
  • Taxa
  • The recent molecular study by J. G. Burleigh and T. P. Holtsford (2003) provides little support for existing morphologically based sectional classifications within Silene insofar as they relate to endemic North American taxa. (efloras.org)
  • systems
  • I have not presented an infrageneric classification of Silene because existing systems either do not include those other genera (e.g. (efloras.org)