• diagnosis
  • A diagnosis of severe falciparum malaria was made and treatment was initiated with intravenous artesunate (140 mg at admission and at 12 hours, dose calculated based on an estimated weight of 65 kg) and oral doxycycline therapy (100-mg twice daily) in the emergency department. (biomedcentral.com)
  • drain
  • Aural hematomas may also be treated by placing an indwelling drain (called a cannula) into the ear. (drbarchas.com)
  • Although your vet can drain the fluid out of an ear hematoma with a syringe, the problem almost always returns and more extensive treatment is needed. (blogspot.com)
  • skin
  • Removing the gauze bandage one day the tape stuck to some dry skin beside the hematoma and as I removed the bandage the top layer of the hematoma came off stuck to the gauze. (justanswer.com)
  • Patients
  • Patients with massive PE or severe iliofemoral thrombosis should be offered a longer period of heparin therapy (about 10 days). (pdr.net)