• Enzyme
  • The primary physiological substrate of this enzyme is plasminogen, which is an inactive form (zymogen) of the serine protease plasmin. (wikipedia.org)
  • The mitotic cyclins can be grouped as cyclins A & B. These cyclins have a nine residue sequence in the N-terminal region called the "destruction box", which can be recognized by the ubiquitin ligase enzyme which destroys the cyclins when appropriate. (wikipedia.org)
  • This enzyme is active during mitotic division and is mainly localized in the nucleus during interphase. (wikipedia.org)
  • histone
  • Histone H3 phospho Ser28 ELISA (H3S28ph) kits provide everything need to screen for phosphorylated serine 28 on histone H3 in human, mouse, hamster and bovine systems. (activemotif.com.cn)
  • This is associated with a reduction in levels of the serine 10 phosphorylated form of histone H3 and a failure to recruit the Barren condensin protein onto chromosomes. (rupress.org)