• Journal
  • The scope of the Journal extends from clinical psychopharmacology (including trials), to experimental studies on the effects of drugs on cognition and behavior in humans and laboratory studies in experimental animals. (springer.com)
  • Intellectual property, ethical issues, societal impact and regulatory aspects also fall within the scope of the journal. (springer.com)
  • Execution
  • Within Common Lisp, a referenceable entity is established by the execution of some language construct, and the scope and extent of the entity are described relative to the construct and the time (during execution of the construct) at which the entity is established. (cmu.edu)
  • variable
  • Thus we speak of ``special'' variables as having dynamic scope, or being dynamically scoped, because they have indefinite scope and dynamic extent: a special variable can be referred to anywhere as long as its binding is currently in effect. (cmu.edu)