• familial
  • familial centrolobar sclerosis a progressive familial form of leukoencephalopathy marked by nystagmus, ataxia, tremor, parkinsonian facies , dysarthria, and mental deterioration. (thefreedictionary.com)
  • prevalence
  • Some population groups and countries, such as Korea and China, have been identified with a prevalence of tuberous sclerosis possibly lower than other areas of the world, such as America and the United Kingdom. (news-medical.net)
  • nerves
  • These growths often involve overgrowth of nerves or the connective tissue within them, which is described by the term sclerosis. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Lateral" indicates one of the regions of the spinal cord affected, and "sclerosis" describes the hardened tissue that develops in place of healthy nerves. (encyclopedia.com)
  • hamartomas
  • The exact mechanism of action of hamartin and tuberin is not fully understood and an alternative explanation is seen in Knudon's 2-hit model of tumor genesis, which involves loss of heterozygosity that is found in many hamartomas around the bodies of people the tuberous sclerosis. (news-medical.net)