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  • The researchers at Infórium University in Belo Horizonte and FIOCRUZ-Minas, Brazil, are running the Say No to Schistosoma project on World Community Grid to perform computer simulations of the interactions between millions of chemical compounds and certain target proteins. (worldcommunitygrid.org)
  • Say No to Schistosoma is the twentieth research project to be launched on World Community Grid and one of eleven projects currently running on World Community Grid. (worldcommunitygrid.org)
  • By donating your unused computer cycles to World Community Grid and the Say No to Schistosoma project, you will help advance critical research on a neglected tropical disease that kills 200,000 people each year and affects over 207 million people worldwide. (worldcommunitygrid.org)
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  • Only forum authors with the title "Say No to Schistosoma Scientist" are authorized to comment as representatives of Infórium University in Belo Horizonte and FIOCRUZ-Minas, Brazil. (worldcommunitygrid.org)
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  • The report from the 1997 WHO Schistosoma Genome Network is now available on the WWW at http://www.nhm.ac.uk/schisto/network/meetings/97meet.html If anyone would prefer it as a Word document then please email me. (bio.net)