• stress
  • Experts in Emedicinehealth (2012) suggested sometimes even happy life events, such as a marriage or promotion, can trigger depression because of the stress that comes with change (para 4). (bartleby.com)
  • Cancel
  • Sadness can be felt when your friends cancel plans, when you lose your job, when someone you love passes away or when your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you. (scarymommy.com)
  • adults
  • Depression, which affects an estimated one in 15 adults in any given year, according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), is also likely not circumstantial. (rd.com)
  • children
  • Children with asthma who become depressed, hopeless or despairing not only leave themselves vulnerable to exacerbation of their asthma, Miller said, but the exacerbation may increase their depression, creating a destructive downward spiral. (eurekalert.org)
  • For example, children who live with a depressed parent or caregiver may also be at higher risk for developing depression. (umn.edu)