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  • Saccharomyces fragilis, for example, is part of kefir cultures and is being grown on the lactose contained in whey (as a byproduct in cheesemaking) to be used as animal fodder itself. (wikipedia.org)
  • of Cultures for Health contains Saccharomyces fragilis Rory A. M. Delaney, Robert Kennedy, Bernard D. Walley - Composition of Saccharomyces fragilis biomass grown on lactose permeate‚Ć, 1975 Aaron E. Wasserman, William J. Hopkins and Nandor Porges - Whey Utilization: Growth Conditions for Saccharomyces Fragilis, Sewage and Industrial Wastes, Vol. 30, No. 7 (Jul. (wikipedia.org)
  • Bacteria
  • Intelligent Bacteria - Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an artistic research project, manifested in the form of an acoustic and performative installation that responds to the high number of poisonings and deaths of alcohol consumers in Indonesia. (transmediale.de)