• Tritium
  • It has been proposed heretofore to incorporate radioisotopes into the structure of synthetic resins, and articles containing tritium or carbon 14 incorporated into the structure of synthetic resins or plastics have been produced. (google.com)
  • thus
  • The 'ages' thus obtained not only confirmed the earlier rubidium-strontium 'dates,' but demonstrated just how little the granulite lenses had been affected by the later formation of the immediately adjacent eclogites. (icr.org)
  • Market
  • The market for rubidium is growing much faster than the supply, and we must find a way to increase production for this isotope that could save many lives," said Steve Wyatt, MU vice provost for economic development. (redorbit.com)
  • ages
  • 15 An ultraviolet laser was used to measure profiles of argon-argon radioisotope 'ages' across individual mineral grains in the untransformed granulite lenses. (icr.org)