• nucleic acids
  • Biomolecular NMR also provides valuable information about the interaction between RNA and diverse binding partners such as drugs, peptides, proteins or other nucleic acids. (els.net)
  • This problem is not simple to solve because biological material, such as cell cultures and/or tissue cultures, and also body fluids, such as urine and blood, often contain a complex of nucleic acids of which only an extremely small fraction contains the sequence of interest. (google.ca)
  • A novel nucleic acid model using peptide ribonucleic acid (PRNA), which contains 5-amino-5-deoxyribonucleoside as a recognition site for nucleic acids and consists D-glutamic acid (D-PRNA) instead of L-glutamic acid (L-PRNA) as a backbone structure, has been designed and synthesized. (biomedsearch.com)
  • structure
  • Difference between D-PRNA and L-PRNA oligomers was elucidated on the basis of the effects of chirality of gamma-glutamic acid backbone upon structure elucidated by CD spectra. (biomedsearch.com)