• neurons
  • The presence of receptors for ATP has not been established in any native preparation of retinal neurons or glia. (jneurosci.org)
  • Like the choroid plexus, the RPE plays an important glial-like role in maintaining the health and integrity of the nearby neurons, and the retinal-facing membrane contains an array of metabotropic receptors that enable the RPE to carry out its glial functions. (jneurosci.org)
  • stimulation
  • Due to its phototoxicity, retinal hazard by blue light stimulation has been well demonstrated using high intensity light sources. (rsc.org)
  • Pax6
  • The transcription factors Pax2 and Pax6 are co-expressed in the entire optic vesicle (OV) prior and concomitant with the establishment of distinct neuroretinal, retinal, pigmented-epithelial and optic-stalk progenitor domains, suggesting redundant functions during retinal determination. (biologists.org)
  • diseases
  • Our RPE technology is safe, scalable and has tremendous potential for treating many of the 200-plus retinal diseases. (pr.com)