• Retina
  • AAbs that were made as a part of anti-cancer response are likely to be the cause of retinal degeneration, whereas others, generated against released antigens from damaged retina, contribute to the progression of retinopathy. (elsevier.com)
  • A Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) test uses a laser light which scans the retina starting above the retinal surface capturing parallel images at increasing depths. (myeyedoc.ca)
  • A Fundus Photograph is taken using a retinal camera and it is used to look at different parts of the back of the eye including the retina, blood vessels, macula and the optic disc. (myeyedoc.ca)
  • Proteins
  • Autoantibodies (AAbs) against various retinal proteins have been associated with vision loss in paraneoplastic and non-paraneoplastic autoimmune retinopathies (AR). (elsevier.com)
  • patients
  • Studies of epitope mapping for anti-recoverin, anti-enolase, and anti-carbonic anhydrase II revealed that although patients' AAbs may recognize the same retinal protein as normal individuals they bind to different molecular domains, which allows distinguishing between normal and diseased AAbs. (elsevier.com)
  • Determine the patterns of failure in patients treated with these regimens, in terms of vitreous vs retinal vs both as sites of recurrence. (clinicaltrials.gov)