• ACLS
  • The ACLS and ERC recommendations for resuscitation of these patients are contrasted on the basis of the essential components of care. (aacn.org)
  • Resuscitation of patients after heart surgery presents a unique opportunity to achieve high survival rates with key modifications to ACLS that warrant adoption in the United States. (aacn.org)
  • acute
  • This is believed to be attributable to earlier recognition and management of critical conditions, earlier CPR, and the implementation of medical emergency teams with specialists trained in the acute resuscitation of pediatric patients using the PALS and APLS algorisms. (medscape.com)
  • Acute hemorrhage is the leading cause of acute life-threatening intravascular volume loss requiring aggressive fluid resuscitation to maintain tissue perfusion until the underlying cause can be corrected. (medscape.com)
  • available
  • It is indeed a nice way for the hugely respected Detroit duo to herald their return to the world of music, especially for anyone who missed out on Resuscitation the first time around the album's never been available digitally, and the CD version has been out of print for some years now. (beatport.com)
  • When it first dropped in 2001, Resuscitation served as a de facto introduction to the duo, collecting a bunch of songs on CD that had only previously been available on hard-to-find singles and EPs. (beatport.com)