• Filament
  • Often ABS is used as a short form, actually referring to filament made of ABS: 'Do you use ABS in your Mendel? (reprap.org)
  • adhesions
  • The barrier layer may be joined to the repair fabric with connecting stitches formed from PTFE to inhibit the formation of adhesions thereto. (google.es)
  • sheet
  • The nonstick PTFE fabric sheet rests on your grill grates and keeps food like shrimp, bacon, and wings in place as you grill. (kitchenkapers.com)
  • Advantages - Food can be removed from the oven mesh sheet without sticking! (ecvery.com)
  • 13 inches)- Colour - Brown / Gold oven mesh sheet Item NoMesh SizematerialThicknessWeightTemp ResistanceMax WidthTensile Strength60011*1mmfiberglass0. (ecvery.com)
  • We Supply metal sheet handling cut resistant glove and various kinds of safety gloves and working gloves. (alibaba.com)