• proteins
  • Astonishingly, much less is known about the current structure and organization of plastid DNA and its association with different kinds of proteins that are involved in its stabilization, replication and expression. (frontiersin.org)
  • heterochromatin
  • The epigenetic information carried by the heterochromatin structures has to be transmitted to daughter cells after cell division in what is known as replication-coupled epigenetic memory ( Wallace and Orr-Weaver, 2005 ). (biologists.org)
  • reduces
  • Importantly, decreasing levels of the histone mark H4K16 acetylation on the male X chromosome, which serves to upregulate transcription from the entire X chromosome for dosage compensation, not only reduces transcription but also shifts DNA replication from early to late. (eurekalert.org)
  • synthesis
  • Pre-RC assembly during G1 is required for replication licensing of chromosomes prior to DNA synthesis during S phase [ PMID: 10966477 , PMID: 12045100 , PMID: 15680967 ]. (ebi.ac.uk)