• uveal
  • Survival rates at 5-year interval and the rates of secondary enucleating due to complications after one-day session linear accelerator irradiation were comparable to those achieved with other irradiation techniques used for treatment uveal melanoma. (medcrave.com)
  • However, the use of photon(7) and electron(8) radiation for treating retinoblastoma, and cobalt plaques,(9) encapsulated gold,(10) and 106 Ru beta-ray applicators(11) against uveal melanomas led to high complication rates,(4,8,9,12-14) largely because such techniques do not allow for sufficiently precise targeting. (harvard.edu)
  • therapies
  • The identification and characterization of tumor-initiating cells and the molecular pathways that account for their self-renewal and survival is critical to design therapies that preferentially target these cells and sensitize them to conventional chemotherapies and radiation therapies. (aacrjournals.org)
  • live
  • It shows up at about the same rate today as it did in the 1950s, but new treatments mean you can live with it longer than ever and sometimes be cured. (webmd.com)