• hospitals
  • Approximately 88 percent of all eligible hospitals have received an EHR incentive payment so far, said Robert Anthony, deputy director at the CMS Office of E-Health Standards and Service at Tuesday's Health Information Technology Policy Committee Meeting. (healthcareitnews.com)
  • HIT in combination with a focus on treatment processes rather than patient clinical outcomes may be an equalizing factor in helping rural hospitals and small physician offices increase reimbursement. (ahima.org)
  • value-based
  • The journey toward second-generation contracts is advantageous for small, independent practices because it allows them to become informed on measures that deliver a higher likelihood of value-based incentive achievement for their specific expertise and patient populations. (mgma.com)
  • reviews
  • Improved transparency in Japan 's price revision process and continued a commitment to biennial, instead of annual , reimbursement reviews for innovative drugs and devices. (ustr.gov)
  • tech
  • Offering an incentive-like a chance to win a hot new tech item or a trip to an exotic destination-is a reliable way for businesses to generate responses to surveys. (televox.com)