• gene regulation
  • Our results show that physical and chemical properties of the extracellular microenvironment directly influence nuclear morphology and suggest that there is a direct link between the environment and gene regulation. (biologists.org)
  • Dr. Rong Li has been working in gene regulation and breast cancer biology for more than two decades. (gwumc.edu)
  • integration
  • In the first wave of gene therapy, replication-defective retroviruses were utilized as gene delivery vectors, but the hope was soon dampened by concerns around side effects, including inflammatory responses to the vectors and the potential for genotoxicity caused by vector integration into the genome. (springer.com)
  • function
  • In this study, I have exploited the cold sensitive growth phenotype due to loss of Hda function and its suppressors to understand the Hda function beyond initiation of replication. (buffalo.edu)