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  • Jehovah's Witnesses' literature teaches that their refusal of transfusions of whole blood or its four primary components-red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma-is a non-negotiable religious stand and that those who respect life as a gift from God do not try to sustain life by taking in blood, even in an emergency. (wikipedia.org)
  • abortion
  • It is a product of the first global meeting on the topic of "conscientious objection," which took place in Montevideo, Uruguay in August 2017 because the refusal to treat is a major barrier to abortion access in many Latin American countries . (rabble.ca)
  • health
  • A growing number of health-care professionals, researchers and bioethicists have concluded that refusal to treat under the guise of "conscientious objection" is inappropriate and harmful in health care. (rabble.ca)
  • Jewish teachings that we treat animals with compassion, guard our health, share with the hungry, protect the environment, conserve resources, and seek peace, are best applied through vegetarian diets. (all-creatures.org)
  • daily
  • For instance, in 2014 the FDA approved Harvoni, a once-daily pill that eliminated the need for other drugs, which "were largely responsible for the adverse and difficult side-effects of treating Hepatitis C." (Id. (justia.com)